We have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions for your assistance. If your question is not listed, please contact us, or visit one of our locations so we can assist you further.

Why can't I log into my Online Banking account?

You need to first make sure you are entering the correct Internet Banking ID. After submitting the Internet Banking ID, please verify that you are seeing the correct personal image. If the image is not the one you remember choosing, then you are entering an incorrect Internet Banking ID. After verifying the image, please submit the password again. As a security measure, Online Banking accounts are locked after three unsuccessful attempts to sign in. Your Online Banking account will have to be unlocked manually and have the password reset. Please contact Internet Banking Support at 540-778-2294, option 3.

How do I use the password self reset?

You now have the capability to do a password self reset at anytime. First, you must setup a personal reset question and answer. After logging into your Online Banking account, click on the "Options" tab of the menu and in the first section labeled "Modify Personal Settings", make sure your e-mail address is listed correctly, now fill in the blanks for the "Password Reset Question" and "Password Reset Answer", then click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. You can now use the password self reset feature at anytime. When you use self-reset, the password is reset to the last four digits of the primary account holders social security, or tax ID number. 

How do I enroll in E-Statements?

Easy. Simply login to your Online Banking account. Once logged in Click on the "E-Documents" tab. Underneath the E-Documents click on the "Sign Up/Changes" tab. On this screen you'll be able to check or uncheck the "Enroll All Available Accounts and Document Types Show". You should also have a list of your available accounts that you can choose to enroll in E-Statements. Once finished click on the "Save Settings" icon to save your changes. Once enrolled your next months statement(s) will be emailed to your e-mail address that we have on file, along with a one time paper statement for comparison.

How do I get Mobile Deposit?

Simple! You can call 540-778-2294, contact us, or visit one of our locations to speak with a friendly representative. 

How does Mobile Deposit work?

  1. Select 'Make Deposits' from the Mobile App menu.
  2. Take a picture of the checks front.
  3. Endorse the back along with writing 'Mobile Deposit' and take a picture of the back.
  4. Enter the amount of your deposit, and select the account you wish to make the deposit.
  5. Click Submit and you're done!

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