Theft Protection

Our Pioneer Bank Risk Management Service is a standard FREE service for all Pioneer Bank customers! This is an intelligent system that monitors, detects and prevents on-going debit card fraud. It combines the pattern recognition power of neural network transaction scoring technology and custom risk models with expert rules-based strategies to manage and control fraud.

  • High risk transactions are identified and reviewed by a fraud analyst, and if fraud is suspected, the analyst will attempt to contact you to verify the legitimacy of the transactions.
  • If fraud is confirmed, the card is immediately disabled to prevent further activity, and we will issue you a new card per your request.
  • If by chance we cannot reach you to confirm activity, the card will be temporarily blocked until contact is made.

If you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you contact us at (540) 778-2294. 

This is a FREE service, and there is nothing additional you need to do. Just another way Pioneer Bank is looking out for you!

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