Credit Score on laptop

Credit Score

Stay in the know with Credit Score! This new feature in our Online and Mobile Banking App, allows you to access your credit score anytime, anywhere! 
Look for the card in your online or mobile banking that says "Credit Score & Report". Here you can enroll for free to begin receiving your score.

If you don't see the "Credit Score & Report" card, simply navigate to the bottom and click on "Organize Dashboard".
Organize Dashboard Icon

On this page you can select "Add a card". Select the "Credit Score & Report" card, and any others you wish to see, and click "Done". You're all set! 

No. Credit Score though our online and mobile banking does a "soft pull", which means there is no impact to your credit score. 
If you see any errors or incorrect information, simply click the "Start a Dispute" button on the Credit Score site. 
The Annual Percentage Rate (APR), loan terms, monthly payments and savings shown are estimated, based on your credit profile. All loans and offers are subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.